Coaching: Coaching Strategies Book

Do you feel overwhelmed by the many demands of coaching? Do you wish you knew exactly what to do in order to help your team succeed?

Whether you want to (1) improve your coaching skills, (2) build a great team, or (3) have a positive impact on your players, this book will get you there.

Does your coaching fall short of inspirational?

I wrote this book to help coaches know exactly what they can do to help their players win on a more consistent basis. There is nothing more enjoyable than being on a winning team that is coached by someone who is well respected. This book will walk you through the host of responsibilities a coach must tackle in order to get the desired results. You will learn how to inspire and lead your team by doing things the pros do in order to dominate. You can grow your reputation and your influence when you are a proven and successful leader!

Turn skilled individual players into a powerful team.

I am offering you practical and proven strategies to help you see beyond the complex mix of personalities that make up your team so that you can build them into a powerful, smoothly-functioning unit.

Learn how to recruit the best players for your team.

Knowing how to recruit properly will give you a massive advantage over those you play against. This book will help you focus in on key traits that you want to look for in a potential member of your team.

What Will You Learn About Coaching?

  • What makes an effective coach.
  • How to identify and coach across the five stages of team development.
  • How to help your team members reach their full potential.
  • How to build inter-dependence and cooperation into your team members
  • How to easily handle stress.

You Will Also Discover:

  • The 10 best habits of an effective leader.
  • The value of a “pregame” ritual.
  • How to successfully impart both performance and life skills.
  • The value of identifying and communicating your core values to your team.

Build a team you can be proud of.

Learn the coaching strategies that can help your team perform like champions. You only live once, so make the most of it! Being an integral part of a highly successful, happy, and highly motivated team is one of the great joys in life.

Be a winning coach!

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