Emotions – Emotional Intelligence Book

Are your emotions out of control? Do you long for peace of mind?

Whether you want to (1) know how to manage your feelings and emotions the right way, (2) harness the power of your emotions to your advantage, or (3) have more happiness and peace of mind in your life, then this is the book for you!

Don’t lie awake at night flooded by worries and uncontrolled emotions.

This book covers an incredible variety of strategies, techniques, tools, and tips that will give you the ability to improve your emotional well-being. Emotional Mastery is a key skill when it comes to building a life that is full of vitality, contentment, and happiness. It is so valuable that you would be highly negligent not to invest some of your time and money to learn the skills necessary to ensure your success and happiness on this planet.

Get out from under the tyrannical thumb of your negative emotions… once and for all.

Stop letting negative emotions run wild! While there is value to all emotions, there is no reason for them to run your life. Learn to spot the early warning signs of emotional distress before your feelings run away with you. Learn practical strategies to stay in control when powerful negative feelings appear. Don’t settle for an angry, out-of-control, and depressed day-to-day existence! Learn what you can do in order to gain control of your emotions and live a happier and more successful life! Whatever thoughts and emotions are running rampant and wreaking havoc inside you, this book can help!

Boost your physical and emotional health.

Gain control over your emotions while you can. The danger is that some emotions can actually do damage to you mentally, physically and spiritually over time. The last thing you want is to be to dependent on medications for your emotional stability. Even if this is your case, there are things you can do to drastically improve your emotional health and minimize additional strain to your emotional system.

In this book you will learn how to re-frame negative experiences so that they no longer torment you. Discover your inner dialogue and use it to support positive emotions. Learn tactics that will enable you to objectify your emotions. Discover your emotional triggers and learn how to anchor positive emotions to them.

Turn your emotions to your advantage.

Learn how to use the energy generated by your emotions to think clearly and respond calmly but powerfully. Turn anger and anxiety into positive tools that can help you weather the storms of life. Learn to appreciate and see the value in all your emotions then discover how to release them so that they no longer haunt you.

What Will You Learn About Emotions?

  • Powerful relaxation strategies.
  • The right way to let emotions ruin their course.
  • How your physical posture and body movements affect your emotions and how you can use this to your advantage.
  • How to identify when your body is entering “stress mode” and how to best respond.
  • Physical activities and foods that can be used to boost emotional well-being.

You Will Also Discover:

  • How to manage your thoughts to steer your emotions.
  • Key tools used by therapists to boost emotional health.
  • Strategies for dealing with emotional trauma and old emotional wounds.
  • How to overcome fear and encourage positive emotions.
  • How to release negative memories, feelings and emotions once and for all!

Take control of your mind and emotions.

Free yourself: Buy It Now!