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OPTP SI-Loc Wrap

  • Effective for low back pain relief

  • Supports and compresses the SI joint

  • Wide, medical-grade, non-slip pads prevent the SI-LOC from sliding

  • Dual hook-and-loop closures allow user to adjust the anti-slip buckle

  • Use for customers with 30″-46″ pelvic circumference

  • ┬áIt stays in place

  • Lightweight, breathable fabric and non-bulky design that conceals easily under clothes

  • Offers relief from low back pain and back spasms, along with referred pain in the hip, pelvis or sciatic pain extending down the leg

  • Its patented, tapered design is wider at the innominates for even pressure distribution, making it comfortable to wear for long periods while keeping steady, supportive pressure on the SI joint

  • SIZING INFORMATION: Measure the pelvic circumference at a level 1″ above the most superior aspect of the greater trochanters