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ProRower H2O RX-950 Club Series Rowing Machine

  • Heavy-duty commercial rowing machine with innovative Hydro-Power Drive system


  • Polycarbonate water tank and internal paddle system mimics feel of actual rowing


  • Easy-to-read, oversized display panel tracks time, distance, calories, and more


  • Adjustable, pivoting footrest with “sure-grip” footpad; 550-pound weight capacity


  • Optional lumbar seat (sold separately); measures 89 x 30 x 26 inches (W x H x D); lifetime frame warranty


  • Designed specifically to meet and exceed the heavy demands of a commercial health club, using corrosion resistant anodized aluminum and stainless steel.


  • Mimics the dynamics of actual rowing, with a polycarbonate water tank and an internal paddle system sitting at your feet.


  • Just like with real rowing, the water acts as the main resistance system


  • Want a more intense workout? Row faster


  • Want a slow but steady workout? Row slower


  • There’s no need for any disruptive mechanical adjustments; instead, the water’s “natural adaptive resistance” offers all the pushback you need.


  • In addition, the workout is incredibly smooth and relaxing, with an on-the-water experience that feels and sounds just like the real thing.